It is a mobile world- and no one can deny it. The mobile platform promises to be the long-standing mainstay across all industries. According to Google, more than 1 billion people prefer to use mobile devices to access internet. Browsing World Wide Web is no longer confined to desktops anymore. Even the audiences for instance, would prefer to read this blog post from their mobile device. Therefore, the rapidly evolving technology demands a radical shift of web designer in the world of mobile to stay on top of the game. But the question lies how and what would be its future impact.

Google PageRank is a popularity score that effects everyone with a web site. Here’s a high level overview of what PageRank is and what your PR means.

Monday, 21 October 2013 00:00

How to make your small business BIG

The business world has often been compared to a jungle. Both are ruthless and diverse environments in which survival is difficult for those lacking a special skill or resiliency. In the jungle, animals such as snakes, frogs, and lizards often inflate themselves when threatened, appearing to be much larger than they actually are. Actually, it turns out this strategy exists in the business world as well.

Thursday, 17 October 2013 00:00

7 Ways To Put LinkedIn to Work For You

LinkedIn is a great tool if used with skill and purpose. Not every one does. Here are seven tips for getting a good return on your efforts.

Yes, SEO is an investment; however, showing them that they are investing in your services and skills requires a little more than just performing SEO services. Due to the search share click distribution, the client can’t really expect major increases in traffic until they reach the first page of the SERPs. Sometimes they can see instant increases in traffic via long-tailed terms after completion of thorough on-page optimization. But, for the most part we have to educate them so that they will be patient. Remember, they hired you because they are not experts in SEO, it’s important to teach them the benefits as well as the slow process of organic SEO.

There is a lot of buzz going around the world regarding content marketing and how it can help various businesses on the internet to get more traffic. Many online business owners around the world believe that they need better marketing strategies that can allow them to improve their opportunities and get better results that can boost their business in the future.

The long wait is over for summer has finally kicked-off! Summer is the most awaited season for aside from the lovely scenes and fine hot weather, people look forward for the things they can do outdoors. Travelling, camping, and festivities are just some of the many enjoyable activities that are possible to do during summer. But aside from that, it is also a great time for taking pictures!

Monday, 07 October 2013 00:00

8 Reasons Companies Buy From You

 There are eight (and only eight) reasons that companies buy things from other companies...

What do our favorite superheroes and villains get up to when we can’t see them? Are they as super as they seem? Grégoire Guillemin decided to explode the myth. This French digital illustrator shows that reality is always stranger than fiction, making no exceptions for these idealized characters. Off duty, many of them look just like us mere mortals, and in Guillemin’s work, they share our vices too.

Monday, 30 September 2013 00:00

Infographic: To app, or not to app

It’s clear that the mobile web is on the rise. Taking a look at the stats, it’s hard to see how desktop browsing can survive the onslaught.

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