Instagram Growth and Spread

Instagram launched in October of 2010. Two months later, its community was already 1 Million strong. The usage and spread of Instagram has been on the rise ever since.

Over 65% of the Instagram community is located outside of the United States.


Current Instagram Statistics

  • 200 Million Monthly Active Users
  • 20 Billion Photos Shared in total
  • 1.6 Billion Likes and 60 Million Photos shared every day

source: Instagram Press Page


Instagram and Gender Worldwide

World map of Instagram adoption by gender:


  • Thailand is Instagram’s most women-dominated country with 65% women
  • Saudi Arabia is Instagram’s most men-dominated country with 85% men.
  • South-East Asia and Russia have strongest adoption by women
  • Middle East and India show strongest adoption by men

source: Gender on Instagram: Infographic


Instagram Within Visual Social Media

The following graph presents the year-on-year growth of four leading visual and open social networks:
instagram-statistics-evolution Source: estimates by Nitrogram – (Monthly Active Users for Instagram, Twitter – Monthly Unique Visitors for Pinterest, Tumblr)


Instagram Use by Brands

Over 2500 brands have joined Instagram to date as listed by the Nitrogram 50.

The 3 top brands on Instagram are:

  • Nike
  • Starbucks
  • NBA

88% of brands on Instagram have shared at least one video. 


Interest for Brands on Instagram

The top 50 brands on Instagram have 1.5 Million followers on average.
As importantly, an average of 2 Million posts mention each of these brands on Instagram.

  • The most followed branded account is The Ellen Show with over 4 Million followers, adding close to 300k each month.
  • The most Instagrammed brand is Nike, with 23 Million posts mentioning the #Nike hashtag so far, and adding over 1 Million each month
  • Top Brand* with the “manliest” audience: Monster Energy with 78% Men
  • Top brand* with the “most girly” audience: Urban Decay Cosmetics with 84% Women

*based on Nitrogram 50′s top 50 brands


Instagram Adoption by Brands per Industry

Instagram-adoption-by-brands-per-industry-2013 Instagram adoption by Millward-Brown 2013 BrandZ index Brands (total: 97/130 or 75%)
Sectors from left to right: cars, fast food, soft drinks, apparel, retail, luxury, beer, personal care, telcos., technology, oil & gas, financial institutions, insurance
Last update: October 2013

The Car, Fast Food, Soft Drink and Apparel industries are most represented on Instagram with a 100% adoption rate.
The insurance industry is the least present on Instagram with only a 30% adoption rate.