Chinese outbound travelers reached 100 million in 2013
Chinese Outbound Travelers Reached 100 million in 2013

Chinese outbound travelers reached 100 million in 2013

According to People’s Daily report on January 9, 2014, in 2013, Chinese outbound travelers reached 97.3 million, with 14 million more travelers than 2012. It was estimated to break 100 million in 2014.

In 2012, Chinese outbound tourism consumption hit USD 102 billion, ranking the first in the world. According to Song Rui, Chief of Travel Department in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that overseas consumption in 2013 would surely be even higher than 2012.

Chinese outbound tourists have been increasing dramatically, in 2004, there were merely 29 million outbound travelers. The rapid development in China in the past decade created a large population of middle class, who held interest for exploring foreign countries. Besides, many European countries and Asian countries simplified Chinese tourism visa procedures, and expected to attract more rich Chinese tourists.

An increasing number of foreign hotels and shops tried everything to cater to Chinese consumers. For example, the world famous department store Harrods in London revealed that it had hired 70 Chinese speaking staff and installed over 100 Unionpay imprinter/POS (Chinese credit and debit cards).

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